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How to Look After Your Lawn During Winter?

No doubt winter poses a big problem for our lawns. So how do you keep your lawn healthy during the cold season? Many of us start to panic when our lush green lawn begins to lose its colour and becomes dormant. However, this is a common sign for a healthy winter lawn. Whilst you can’t control the weather, you can certainly learn some tips on preventing your lawn from dying by reading this post.

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How to Look After Your Lawn During Winter?
  1. Ensure your lawn has proper drainage

It’s common to have constant rainfall or even storms during winter. But one thing most people are not aware of is if you don’t have proper drainage the excessive rain can fill air gaps in the soil and drown the grass at its roots. Preventing its growth due to a lack of oxygen.

In this case, check whether your yard has any lower ground after it has rained. This is where water tends to group and puddles are formed. If you do, just bring in some dirt and fill the area(s). This should improve the drainage of your lawn and stop your grass from dying in patches.

  1. Fertilise your lawn during winter

Even though your lawn becomes dormant during winter, it will still grow (but just a bit slower). If there is heavy rain, it may wash away the vital nutrients your lawn needs in order to grow.

To solve this problem, you should fertilise your lawn throughout winter to replenish its nutrients and help it to thrive. Fertilising should take place monthly.

  1. Aerate your lawn

Extreme climates during winter may damage your lawn as the ground may become compacted. Therefore, you should aerate your lawn to allow grass roots to better absorb the oxygen, water, nutrients and water. Whilst it is recommended that winter grass is aerated during autumn, it’s still not too late to save your lawn by doing it during winter.

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