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UMS Helped Aucklanders in Need

Late in April, the Mission reached out to the community for help as their stocks of canned food were nearly out. Each year the Mission provides around 13,000 food parcels to Auckland-based individuals and families in need. Each food parcel contains donated canned food from local businesses, communities or its purchased by the Mission itself. Some of the people that received these food parcels are homeless, struggling families, isolated elderly or those battling addictions or mental health issues. Auckland City Mission is a social service provider which aims to improve the health and well-being of socially disadvantaged individuals. But they need our help and donations.

Between January and March this year, the Mission has provided over 3,200 food parcels with over 49,400 canned food. At Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS), we believe in the notion of ‘giving back’ to our community. So, when we heard the news, we were delighted to help the Mission restock their shelves.

UMS Helped Aucklanders in Need - Auckland City Mission
From left to right: John Jury and John Yiannis loaded up the ute at our Henderson depot and delivered the cans to the grateful staff at the Mission.

UMS recognises the importance of helping and supporting the local community. We wanted to ensure those in need are able to receive full support over a period of crisis. At our Henderson depot, we collected an abundance of canned food from staff. For every one can UMS staff brought in, UMS donated an additional can.

For those reading this post, we strongly encourage you to donate any, spare, canned food to the Mission. Whether you donate food, money or your time every little bit counts.