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Providing Accredited First Aid Training To Our Employees

The first step to create a safer workplace is to provide accredited first aid training to our employees. It’s a life skill that goes beyond the workplace as it can be used in critical life or death situations (no matter where they are).

New Zealand legally requires all workplaces to have first aid procedures in place for dealing with emergencies. It is the employer’s duty to ensure its staff operate in a safe working environment where they are taught to think and act safely.

The Accident Compensation Corporation reported that 52% of severe injuries in New Zealand are from manual workers. In truth, most of the time workers can avoid workplace injuries if they have a strong sense of safety awareness.

Grounds Staff Member Mowing Grass

At Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS), all of our outdoor staff have a valid and accredited first aid training certification. At UMS’ recent toolbox meeting, 15 outdoor workers were presented with their first aid certificates at our Henderson depot. It is our priority to ensure our staff can confidently handle hazardous tools and machinery at all times. To do this, all depots hold regular toolbox meeting to discuss and promote health and safety issues.

As the “Safe Trusted Expert”, UMS strives to promote safety awareness within our culture. We are proud to say our staff have a strong safety mindset wherever they go.