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Safety In The Forefront Of Our Minds

Every month, at our Henderson Depot, our field staff get together to draw attention to areas of risk and encourage safety awareness. These monthly Toolbox meetings are important for the success of our safety program; as we keep safety in the forefront of our minds.

Looking at workplace deaths and injuries, the NZ Council of Trade Union states that statistics released recently show that New Zealand workplaces have a big problem.

“These numbers show that, on average, over 51 Kiwis a year are being killed at work. Working people are not being kept safe – employers need to do more, Government needs to do more. Every single working Kiwi should have confidence that they’ll return home safe at the end of their working day,” says NZ Council of Trade Unions (CTU) President Richard Wagstaff.

As “Safe Trusted Experts”, we believe that when workers are aware of the health and safety risks in their workplace, they can address health and safety concerns and follow safe work practices. Information about workers’ current and changing awareness of health and safety hazards, risk perception and safe work practices can help to understand where to focus prevention strategies.

UMS staff together for their Toolbox (Safety) Meeting

At our most recent Toolbox meeting, our staff were treated to a local Kiwi delicacy, muscle fritters, and hearty homemade mince on toast. We believe in not only feeding our field staff’ minds, but also their bodies!

Great companies are built on people and culture. At Urban Maintenance Systems, this is the foundation of the company, and what makes us unique and successful. Our values strive to keep us safe, inspire each other and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our customers.