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UMS visited the Ranui Community Centre

This week, Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) visited the Ranui Community Centre to drop off the first of many loads of “redundant” plants. An agreement reached between UMS and the Ranui Community Gardens.

Ranui Community Centre drop off

These are plants either left unplanted (at the end of the season) or removed from Auckland Council gardens as they are ready for the next planting. Gardeners who frequent the gardens can help themselves to these plants. Getting to take them home to enjoy. Any remaining or ‘past their best’ are then turned into compost at the community garden.

UMS staff at Ranui Community Centre

“We are really excited to participate in an initiative arranged with UMS to reduce valuable plant material going to waste and adding to the landfill,” said Buffie Mawhinney, Ranui Community Centre’s Sustainability Co-ordinator.

Ranui Community Centre

This is a win for everyone! Local gardeners get access to plants and the community garden gets access to rich compost material. UMS are also playing their part by actively reducing materials going to local landfills. This is a great example of UMS working with the community to secure smarter outcomes for the environment!