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What a Difference a Couple of Months Has Made!

Spring is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times for our horticultural team. Especially when, back in August, Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS)’ horticultural team remade the Japanese Garden in Henderson Town Centre. Now that spring has arrived the garden is full of lovely fresh new foliage and it has completed its transformation.

Henderson Town Centre Japaneses Garden

UMS’ Regional Coordinator said “we did the hard yards getting the structure right in time for the re-opening. Now nature is doing her thing, it’s taken care of the rest.”

The viewing garden makes artistic use of plants, rocks, artificial hills, ponds, and the flowing water to see, hear and feel its simplicity and beauty. This and other Japanese gardens are intended to promote contemplation.

Henderson Town Centre Japaneses Garden

The deep reds of the Acer japonicum (also known as Japanese maple) look particularly striking and provides a beautiful contrast in the garden. The garden was once again returned to its full beauty – serene and pristine!

UMS offers highly flexible and reliable garden maintenance and horticultural services. All services are provided within a highly professional team who ensure landscapes are protected and enhanced. Our team members are as invested as you in extending the life expectancy of your garden.

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