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This Week at JobFest

Around 500 young job seekers attended JobFest this week (at the Trusts Arena in Henderson). Here they had the opportunity to meet some of our friendly staff members and discuss job opportunities. Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) was one of the dozens of employers exhibiting alongside agents and training organisations.

UMS attended JobFest
Our HR Manager and Capability Development Adviser spoke to numerous young men and women who stopped by our stand to enquire about employment with UMS. They even had the chance to be interviewed and also grab a selfie on the lawnmower (which was a part of our exhibit).

UMS attended JobFest

“At JobFest we were able to use pictures of our staff working to show them what they actually do (at the locations they work from). The mower was all about giving them a sense of what they might do one day if they were to work at UMS (it really captured their interest). We met and interviewed some really great young people. Some of whom we eventually hope to see as our apprentices” said UMS’ HR Manager, Nick Cockroft.

Patrick Flanningan pops in to see UMS staff at Jobfest
We even had a special visit from UMS’ Managing Director, Patrick Flannigan, and other senior managers from Australia who stopped by to check out the exhibit and have a chat to jobseekers.