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Hard Work to Make it Look This Peaceful

The UMS Horticultural team in Auckland pulled out all the stops to remake and regenerate the Japanese Garden in Henderson Town Centre (before its rededication by the mayor). It’s taken hard work to make it look this peaceful!

The viewing garden makes artistic use of plants, rocks, artificial hills, ponds, and the flowing water to see, hear and feel its simplicity and beauty. This and other Japanese gardens are intended to promote contemplation.

Before Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) took over the contract, the garden had become untidy and overgrown.

Hedging was carefully trimmed and large Cyperus grasses removed, as was bark mulch and weeds.

The extreme weather Auckland has experienced in the last few weeks made it a muddy, sticky wet surface to work with. But this did not deter us! With the planting completed, the pea pebble stone was laid to create flow with the larger rocks of the water feature. Finished with Mondo grass and maples for a splash of colour.

The garden was once again returned to its full beauty – serene and pristine!

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