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Anticipation of the big move in!

Our Regional Coordinators and Team Leaders have been busy inspecting our new Henderson depot in anticipation of the big move in!

UMS’ Elaine, Jeanine and Daniel have been working very closely on this project (each from different angles) to ensure the successful launch.

Our Community Liaison, Elaine, has been engaged in transforming our depot by locating suitable furnishings to equip the space. Elaine said “It is just incredible to see how quickly we can get things done when we work together as a team. The old saying is true… ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’. I think this is a true reflection on UMS.”

We have also had Jeanine on site project managing the entire fit-out. She said “It has been a great project to work on and to oversee everything coming together with precision. It also makes a big difference having such a great team to work with. At UMS we definitely know how to get the job done and I am sure I can say on behalf of the whole team that we are all excited about the big move in!”

Daniel has been one of our long-standing staff members from Australia and is now an integral part of our New Zealand team. He has been with UMS for nine years and said “this is my second time setting up a depot but it’s the first time doing it on this scale (and also the first time outside Australia). This involved recognising and balancing the needs of everyone who would occupy it – like field staff sharing the space with office staff. The ideas that flowed through the team were invaluable! Working with everyone has been an incredibly fun and a rewarding experience.”